Doupik | December 31st, 2011
Happy New Year 2012 + RealGTA3 status + Apple iOS version?

Hi guys. I honestly can't believe I'm writing this. The GTA3 just had 10 years anniversary, RealGTA3 will soon celebrate 9 years since its release and the site is still up and modification very popular. Thanks a lot for making me proud of this work even after all these years. I'ma update this site with new download links, because some have been already removed, you know, some large sites were closed in the last decade :-)

So I want to wish you the best for the year 2012, hopefully it won't be the last year for the humanity :-D.

And also, I've been thinking: have your heard that you can actually modify GTA3 for the iOS? YES, iPhone 4/4S version of RealGTA3 might be possible! So, hit me on my e-mail if you want me to at least try it, I have no idea if it will be easy or if there are some real technical difficulties.

P.S.: I'm 25 now, finishing last year of college :-)

Doupik | April 26th, 2008
RealGTA4? GTA4REAL? No idea yet...

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since you last heard from me... I'm still here, a college student, can't really afford a PS3 so I can try GTA IV, but let's hope it will arrive on PC soon. GTA IV is still based on fictional brands, so there's definitely chance for another RealGTA. RealGTA3 was successful project, RealGTA:VC come to grief because of the game limitations, RealGTA:SA never happened mainly because of lack of my time, but there's some hope for RealGTA4, or as I also call it GTA4REAL, like it's for real. I'm looking forward for great mods by the community and tools for GTA IV so I can make something:-). Well, but it's still too soon to talk about it, there's no official word on GTA IV on PC yet...
Please don't be bothered by google ads, I'm just trying them if it is possible to comulate money that way so I can buy that next-gen console :-D.

Doupik | December 24th, 2006
100,000 visits as a Christmas gift? :-)

I'm proud to announce that has been visited 100,000 times since the re-launch only 13 months ago. Recently there was a sudden growth of visits from Latvia, which doubled the average number of visitors - thanks for your support. 100,000 visits

I'm a college student now and that requires lot of time, so I'm afraid there will be no RealGTASA. It's an old game anyway:-). I'm looking forward for the next-gen Grand Theft Auto - let's hope it will be modificable.

So merry Christmas and wonderful year 2007!

Doupik | April 1th, 2006
RealGTASA next friday!

Following text has been an April joke, have you been fooled:-)?

Yeah, I've been secretly developing a modification for GTA: SA since last summer! I put much effort into development and with help of my friends in community we managed to compile a massive total conversion of our adored GTA: SA. I'm just finishing the installer and I'm taking screenshots to create a new presskit - it would take some time to document everything, because all vehicles have been replaced. Expect all your favourite rides like Gallardo, H2, F430, M5, Hayabusa and many more. Also my experienced team redesigned all shops in San Andreas to match the ones you know - McDonald's, Starbucks, Pizza Hut etc. RealGTASA has got many more great features, so visit to come to know more next friday, which is just 6 days from 1st April;)

Doupik | January 9th, 2006 site visits has reached 10,000 visits in 2 months since the re-launch of the site and it has 150 visitors every day. I'm satisfied with that number - RealGTA3 is 3 years old project now and it's still quite popular:-). Too bad I'm in the last grade at a grammar school and have no time to do anything for San Andreas:-(. 10,000 visits

Anyway, I wish you a successful year 2006!

Doupik | November 6th, 2005 RELOADED

Welcome to the new website! :-) website was not updated for 2 years already, so I decided to change it. And here's the result! Domain name is still, but the site itself has moved to server, the best czech GTA San Andreas website.
I hope you like the new design - no white font on blue background anymore:-)! Browse the site using the left menu.
This site is HTML valid, so you won't have any problems viewing it on IE, Firefox or Opera.

Doupik | October 30th, 2005
RealGTA3 downloads

I have updated RealGTA3 mirrors and I also counted the downloads, here's the figures: 193 000
FilePlanet: 79 000
GameSpot: 53 000
CNET 47 000 39 000
FileShack: 15 000 15 000 11 000
+ FileFront (4000), (3000), ZDNet (1000)
+ yet unknown number of downloads at the top czech gamesites BonusWeb & Tiscali Games Anyway, it gives a number of more than 0,5 million downloads! That's fan-fuc*ing-tastic;)! Thanks a lot for your support!

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