Creator of RealGTA3: Petr Doupal

My "role" in this looks simple - only to compile mods...easy as 1-2-3? No!!! It's really hard work! Beside compiling existing mods, I modified them too or created my own minor modifications for RealGTA3.
It all started when I downloaded my first GTA3 mod. After few weeks I had many mods and I decided to create some kind of modpack - just for fun and for some friends. It worked and I was having fun with it, so I decided to start to work really hard and to provide my mod for every GTA3 fan;). On January 31, 2003 I released the first public version of RealGTA3 - I was amazed that people loved my mod:-). I tweaked it a little bit by adding some new cars and fixing problems - that was the version 1.1, which stayed online util May 24, 2003. That was the day when the new, final, last, bugless and perfect version of RealGTA3 came out after 9 months of development. All I dreamt about is in it, so don't wait and go to download section!
Maybe you wanna know how I created RealGTA3: I used this: Internet Explorer 6 to download that huge amount of mods;), TXD Tool + IMG Tool + GXT Tool + GTA3ResHack + Collision Map editor + Notepad for editing game files, Paint Shop Pro for editing/creating textures, Winamp for background music:-), Notepad to make this website.

RealGTA3 "team"

The_pest - This cool guy did all modelling work for me - he modified anything I want using the ZModeler;)
Tomáš Doupal - My brother was the one and only in-house tester I had:-). He finished whole RGTA in one day and he gave me some ideas to improve RealGTA3.

Special thanks

The_pest, Ceo Ceed, Vice City mod team, KillerKip, Stephan Pomper, Barend Botha, Tomáš+Romeo+Barbara+Lukáš Doupal, Zdeněk Polách, Karel Fajkus, Jindra Jelínek, Beautka, Škreko + many thousand satisfied people who gave me the proof that RealGTA3 was worth to create!!!

Authors of RealGTA3's mods

Me, Petr Doupal
(aka Péťa Doupik)
- It is impossible to remember all the stuff I have made for RealGTA3, I just did everything what's not on this list.
The_pest - all minor modelling work
- coordinates of a boat by Liberty Island
Stephan Pomper (aka Son-Storm) - Mercedes-Benz SL500 (original: Klaus Heyne)
- Opel Speedster (original: Klaus Heyne)
- BMW M3 (SCGT original: JMI Racing Performance, F1 2001 conversion: ian666+OPM)
Yazu - Aston Martin Vanquish V12 (wheels: Toope)
- Lamborghini Diablo VT6.0
- Seat Leon Cupra R (+Toope)
Barend Botha (aka Barbarries) - Land Rover Freelander
- City Bus
- templates for new license plates
Alberto Daniel Russo (aka AdR) - Ford Crown Victoria Police Car (conversion: DMagic1)
- Ford Crown Victoria Taxi
- Ford Mustang GT Concept
Sinan Kabak (aka Sin5k4) - Mercedes-Benz C200
- Škoda Octavia
- DAF XF 530 (original: Kris Van Hooghten)
M4ck - VW Passat W8 (original: Redcap)
- Lamborghini Murcielago (original: Martin Leps)
Roman Domel
- Dodge Viper GTS Tuned (car model: Martin Leps)
- Chevrolet Monte Carlo 79' (engine: Mr.Pro)
RusLev - Jeep Grand Cherokee (original: Ortwin C., engine: M4ck)
- BMW 760Li V12 (original: Zlatko)
Yoyo - Freightliner
- Ford Service
KillerKip - SWAT Van
- New Trashmaster
Ceo Ceed - New roads and cliffs textures
- New Shoreside Vale brownstone district textures
Vice City Mod team - Palms
- New water
Škreko - Army Truck (new Barracks OL)
- Jump ramp to Liberty Island
Patrick Gollmer (aka Gollmii) - OBI Market #1
- Pizza Hut restaurant #1
Jey Bee - New helicopters (Coca Cola, ADAC, ProSieben)
- GPS Color Radar
TheMankie - TheMankie's Modpack (Pizza Hut, Nordsee, Coca Cola, Sparkasse, Quelle)
Airboy- Weapons mod
Julian Flügel (aka JWINGS)- BMW Z8
Theten- BMW M5 (original: Flyonfire & Manutius)
Igor Balkin (aka Voodoo Magick)- Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
L@butes- Peugeot 205 RC Car
Don3k- Peugeot 406 Taxi
Jonathan Mace- MINI Cooper S (original: Stecki)
Felix Dobrowohl (aka Phelyx)- Porsche Carrera GT (car model: Bonsaijodelfisch, original: Myatsoe)
GacuS- Ferrari F355
Triple xXx- Hummer
Neil Myers- Chevrolet S-10
Galahad- Mitsubishi Galant
Blaer- Plymouth Prowler
Infi- Audi S8 (+ShadowSailor)
Fragdieb- Cartell Crusher Monster Truck (textures: Diki)
Mabefge- F-16 Fighting Falcon
Kirill Kasatkin- Kamaz 55111
Nuclear Stricker- Orange Flatbed
Gobby - Coca Cola Truck (exclusive permission from
Marcel P. (aka Soulvivor)- Lexus LS430 (exclusive permission from
Unruheherd- Berliner U-Bahn
Majestic- T-80
Michal Hrubý- NetCafe
Haiko Feege (aka ODIE)- Statue Of Liberty (model of statue and pedestal: Rowell Ray Shih)
DMagic1- (No)Wheel mod 2.0
Klaus Miltner (aka MrMilti)- Shoreside Vale bridge
AleksOT- McDonald's #2
GTA_King- McDonald's #1
Rumba- 1 of the universal 3D wheels
Argos- 5 of the universal 3D wheels
Illspirit- Sarin XTV
DJ Sergio- Mercedes-Benz A-Class Taxi
Jared- Toyota Supra Veilside
Hunter- No Limit Boat Mod
Firebird- Euro Express mod
The Un-American + CanadaMan- Canadian hotels

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